June 16, 2017 in Zernograd district of Rostov region was held a practical seminar on No-till technology

   On June 16, 2017, a practical seminar «Crop protection products of CJSC «Avgust» and its practical application, in combination with advanced agricultural technologies and corn hybrids of domestic selection", held by CJSC «Avgust»  together with Agrarum  on the basis of Kadnov farm  in Zernograd district of  Rostov region.

   The Kadnov farm has been successfully using the technology of binary crops in NO-till system for more than three years on its fields, the farmer Nikolay Kadnov is guided in his work by the recommendations of the professor, Ph.D (agricultural sciences), Nikolay Zelenskii, founder of the Agrarum portal.

The seminar was attended by more than 40 people from different regions of Russia, such as: the Republic of Crimea, Rostov, Saratov and Omsk regions. Participants included practitioners, agronomists from different organizations, and farmers with extensive experience in direct seeding technology, and farmers who only introducing and beginning  this technology.

   In the course of the seminar, transfer was organized to the Kadnov farm fields, where were demonstrated various schemes of crop protection of corn with products manufactured by CJSC «Avgust».

   A report on the intricacies of using of some crop protection products was made by a representatives of CJSC «Avgust» technologist Igor Aleinikov and leading manager Andrey Shurkin. Fields with spring barley, winter wheat and sunflower were also demonstrated as well as direct seeding and binary seeding on this fields. Nikolay Zelenskii, together with Nikolay Kadnov, told about the technology on each field, compared the seeding rates, demonstrated the plant productivity of plants. The participants asked the speakers questions, conducted the discussion. Also, were made soil density measurements in different fields. To confirm the importance of stubble residues on the field, temperature was measured on the soil surface in different parts of the field.

During the seminar, it was raining several times, but it did not frighten the participants at all. Nobody wanted to go inside buses so they are not going to miss the professor's speeches. At the end of the event Nikolay Zelenskii presented a gift to Nikolay Kadnov: a device for measuring temperature and two books.

   The seminar was held in a friendly, warm atmosphere. Participants communicated with each other, shared experiences, asked Nikolay Zelenskii and Igor Aleinikov questions.

   We hope that such events will continue to be held more often and with a larger scale in other regions of Russia and abroad.

Photos from the event are here.

The video is here.