Significant results of successful cooperation with the company Agrarum

At the end of April 2017 a significant event was held for Mongolian people and in particular for our company - solemn rewarding with the highest honorary medal "Hero of Mongolia" of the respected Mr. Chinbat Lkhagva.

The cooperation of Mr. Chinbat and Professor Zelenskii starts about two years ago, when the Mongolian delegation came to Russia to get acquainted with the technology of direct seeding.

Nikolai Zelenskii showed the Mongolian entrepreneurs, on the basis of  Mokrikov experimental farm, what results were achieved using the technology of binary crops in the No-till system (direct seeding).

Crop production for pastoral Mongolia is a very complicated and undeveloped area of activity. But thanks to the cooperation with Professor Zelenskii and the honored agronomist of Russia, the leading agronomist of CJSC «Avgust», Zinaida Kolotilina , Mr. Chinbat and his team managed to achieve significant results in the development of this industry in Mongolia, for which he was awarded a high state award.

At a solemn celebration of this great event were invited close friends, colleagues and partners who helped Mr. Chinbat in this complex and noble cause.

The team of the company "Agrarum" wishes the respected Mongolian farmers good stable harvests and further development of crop production in the country.