Why our company is established?

N.A. Zelenskiy,  Ph.D (agricultural sciences), professor... Our farmers are very conservative. They are engaged in agriculture according to knowledges obtained many years ago. This knowledges has become outdated, build agricultural production based on this knowledges - means to have constant problems with soil fertility, to receive less a yield and to incur losses. Many countries, for example, Argentina, used other technologies in agriculture for a long time and have achieved considerable results. In our country there are farmers who have refused traditional agricultural technologies and successfully receive constant yields. It is necessary to restore and preserve natural soil fertility and it will allow farms to be more profitable. We must learn to live and work in harmony with nature!…

N.A. Zelenskiy,  Ph.D (agricultural sciences), professor

Mission is to enable as many farmers as possible– people who have connected their lives with agriculture - to gain new knowledge, effective technologies and invaluable practical experience,  recommendations from the experts who have devoted themselves to studying and work with the earth.

Articles and an interview of professor N.A. Zelenskiy and many other authors researching problems and achievements of modern agriculture are posted in the section "Library" in open access.

You can get acquainted with direct seeding technologies, binary seeding of various crops and also learn a lot of new and useful things.

In the "Education" section we collected useful knowledges and author's video courses in different directions.

In the section "Producers" we are offering you Russian and foreign manufacturers of machinery and equipment, which is necessary for successful and correct introduction of new technologies.

This section also contains information  about the producers of  planting material, crop protection products, etc.

In the sections of the site "News", "Photo Gallery", "Video" are available useful materials, news and announcements of upcoming events.

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