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The founder of the project "Agrarum", Nikolay Zelenskii conducted education for farmers in Kazakhstan November 16, 2016

From 11 to 12 November 2016, Nikolay Zelenskii, Ph.D (agricultural sciences), professor, world-class expert and author of a unique technology of binary crops in  No-Till system conducted a series of lectures for Kazakh farmers on the topic of effective agriculture. The education was conducted at the request of the National Chamber of Businessmen of Kazakhstan "Atameken" with the support of the agricultural production cooperative "Eptic Agro".


For two days the farmers studied the features of the technologies of joint cultivation of different crops, discussed the possibilities of using various ways of binary crops for their region, and considered the necessary agricultural machinery for direct seeding. In addition, the problem of restoring and preserving the natural fertility of soils was affected, which is especially relevant for Kazakh agrarians.


As a result of two-day productive work, many of the participants expressed their desire to start farming on new technologies. This question, of course, requires a balanced approach and careful fulfillment of all the nuances of technology. Nikolay Zelenskii expressed confidence that his knowledge and practical experience would be a reliable help in this not easy, but necessary and noble cause.