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Nikolay Zelenskii met with Kazakh farmers in the educational seminars of CJSC «Avgust» November 16, 2016

On November 10, 2016, on the basis of the complex Borovoe  (Astana) of agricultural holding Atameken-Agro, education for farmers was organized by the specialists of CJSC «Avgust». Within the framework of educational seminars the problems of plant protection were affected.

The best specialists have shared their experience in definition of causative agents of various diseases of agricultural crops and also fight methods against them. Nikolay Zelenskii met with farmers who were waiting for his visit to share their successes in the sphere of applying resource-saving technologies (No-Till and binary crops) in their farms, and also to receive from the professor recommendations and advice for the further effective introduction of his copyright technologies .

The first experience of applying the technology of binary crops on farms is already gives results: the yield of some crops has increased, the cost of producing one unit of production has decreased.

The head of holding Atameken-Agro expressed the desire to continue training his employees, not only in narrow specialized programs, but also in programs of training in management of the organization and personnel, because an important criterion for success of the work of holding largely depends on good management by human resources.