on September 7 A meeting during which the leaders of LLC Agrarum and the Argentine company FRAGARIA discussed the prospects for cooperation was held.

   The head of the Argentine company "FRAGARIA" Rudolfo A. Mazoni and the head of the export department of  "GHERARDI" company Anatoliy Gunzerov visited us on September 7, 2017.

   The company "FRAGARIA" has been producing inoculants, protectors, fungicides, adjuvants, in-secticides and conducting research and developments of innovative products for organic agricul-ture, including forage production, animal breeding and crop production for more than 20 years.

   During the meeting, companies discuss the prospects for cooperation, noted many points of inter-ests between each other. Such as development and implementation of innovative tools, products and technologies for effective ecological agriculture, holding joint master classes.

   Also, was conducted an interview with Rudolfo, during which we learned about details of the com-pany’s  "FRAGARIA" activities and its products.

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