Our team

Nikolay Zelenskiy

Ph.D (agricultural sciences), professor

founder of the information-educational web portal «Agrarum»

The author of energy-saving technology of winter wheat cultivation on eroded soils and the ecolo-gy-adaptive system of agriculture on a landscape basis. The head of the scientific direction on a biologization of agriculture and crop production, the author of the theoretical direction of creating  binary seeding of cereals and oilseeds. The member of  the Council on preserving agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. For studying and active introduction of scientific developments in agricultural production  was awarded with a medal of the USSR Exhibition of Eco-nomic Achievements. Honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation.

Author of patents and developments.

The author of courses and the chief consultant for technology of binary seeding in No-Till (direct seeding).

Tatyana Medvedeva

CEO and founder of the information-educational web portal «Agrarum"

Head and cofounder of LLC «Professional educational technologies», founder of  the club «Busi-ness Environment».

Lydia Koblyakova

Account manager

Administrator of distance learning system.

Nikolay Krivko

PhD (agricultural sciences), professor of agrochemistry and gardening department.

The author more than 150 scientific and educational-methodical works, the main author and the editor of the textbook "Pomiculture" for agricultural universities with a stamp of the Ministry of Agri-culture of Russia, the author of the textbook prepared for the edition for agricultural higher educa-tion institutions. Author of the section "Fruit - Berry Crops" for system of conduct agroindustrial complex of Rostov region (2001-2005, 2012-2017). Honorary worker of higher  education of the Russian Federation, Honorary veteran of  Don State Agrarian University.

Author of courses and consultant for questions of pomiculture.

Valeriy Ognev

 PhD (agricultural sciences), Docent

CEO of the selection and seed-growing center "Rostovskiy" of agricultural company «Poisk»

The author more than 100 scientific and educational-methodical works, including more than 10 ed-ucational-methodical grants, the coauthor of the textbook prepared for the edition for agricultural higher education institutions «Nursery of garden crops".

Author of courses and consultant of vegetable growing and production of landing seed material.

Zinaida Kolotilina  

Team leader of demonstration tests

CJSC «Avgust».

The honored agronomist of Russia, the expert with enormous experience in the field of crop protection.